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In the southern state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul (RS), a system with the name CompRaS has been set up. CompRaS is the Portuguese word for buying, so the name indicates “buy from RS, buy locally”.

The objective of this project is to develop a method that provides the state of Rio Grande do Sul with a way to improve the competitiveness and financial sustainability of micro- small- and medium sized entrepreneurs and increase the purchasing power and living conditions of the consumers. Other beneficiaries are social and welfare projects of the region (Public Safety Police Force Union, local governmental programmes, programme Fome Zero1 and the entire population of the state who will benefit from a stronger and healthier local economy. The goal is to generate more (internal) trade and access to low-cost credit by providing companies with an internal transaction system , facilitated by an internal unit of transaction accepted by all members and an internet-based internal transaction software system that allow members to perform mutual payments.

The C3-CompRaS project has been formalised in the beginning of 2005 and produces a lot of documentation such as manuals and a Business Plan usable in other C3’s  (Circuits of Consumers and Companies). Some adaptations were done in the C3 methodology to suit the Brazilian legislation. In June 2005 the first 50 companies subscribed to the C3-CompRaS.

The CompRaS Association is the core organisation in this project. An important partnership has been achieved with Banco do Brasil, both at central and local level. At central level the idea is an institutional collaboration between STRO and Banco do Brasil. Banco do Brasil has also conceded to provide human resources in the form of experts, on a voluntary basis, to support projects. At the local level, an agreement was reached with the local branch of Porto Alegre to perform the bank-activities in the C3 network, such as the management of the credit portfolio and the evaluation and reinforcement of loans.
Other partners are SEBRAE2 (RS), a huge semi governmental business training institute and IES3 , a credit advisory.
Together With Federasul, the federation of 110,000 companies in Rio Grande do Sul, a programme to involve businesses is being executed.
An agreement has been made with the Guarantee Fund of Rio Grande to cover the risks of internal loans in the formal currency against a cost of a 1 and ½ percent.